Mount Washington Market Update

Market Stats

• Since August 1, 2018 there have been 20 sales (plus any pending that having showed up online yet.
• 4 of those were Chalets (2 in the village – both sold for under $300,000; 2 on Arrowsmith Ridge – $484,000 and $510,000.)
• 16 condos: 5 in Deer Lodge, 3 in the Alpine Village, 3 in Ptarmigan Ridge, 3 in Paradise Ridge, 2 in Blueberry, 1 in Creekside
• 6 were leasehold or co-op, 14 were Freehold
• There are currently 52 active listings on the market: 20 lots, 10 chalets, 3 duplex, 19 condos
• The leasehold to freehold conversion has not moved forward as quickly as thought. Paperwork was to be received in the mail 3 weeks ago but leaseholders have not received that paperwork yet
• There is little snow on the mountain right now. There is supposed to be a week of precipitation starting tomorrow which should be snow on the mountain
• They are snowmaking around the tube park.